Ages 6 months and up 

Beacon Pediatric Therapy welcomes you to our Crawlers Class for ages 6 months and up!

For babies who are on the move!

Babies who are commando crawling on their belly, fully crawling on their hands and knees, struggling with crawling and even those starting to pull to stand are welcome to join us for this fun and interactive class.

Crawling is one of the most important developmental milestones. It promotes emotional and cognitive development as the baby learns how to move away from a parent and then back to them for comfort and encouragement. They begin to learn independent play by exploring the environment around them. Weight bearing through the hands and knees they build strength, endurance and coordination.

Class is held on Tuesday mornings at 11am.

They are 45 minutes long and limited to 5 crawlers per class.

Classes are $30 each or a 4 class package for $100.

Complete the registration form below. Once your form is received an email will be sent through the client portal which will include consent forms, a questionnaire, privacy and sick policies as well as payment information. You are not fully registered for the classes until all the registration forms are completed. Classes are first come first serve, so be sure to complete the forms at least 48 hours before the class in order to hold your spot.

Register for the Mommy and Me Crawlers Class