1:1 Tummy Time Sessions

One of the many benefits of daily Tummy Time and floor play for your baby is to help prevent these asymmetries. Asymmetries can lead to delayed development of motor skills, visual tracking, sensory processing and grasp. Spending time daily playing and interacting in Tummy Time with your baby gives you both the experiences of bonding and social engagements that will last a lifetime.

Book a Tummy Time Session with Occupational Therapist Sara Wilbert.

Learn the best techniques for integrating Tummy Time and Floor Play into your daily routine. Learn strategies for preventing flat spots of the head and asymmetries.

Call to book today! (Limited session times available)

$65 for a 30 minute session

Book a package of 4 sessions for $225 and receive a free screening for Torticollis/Plagiocephaly

Bring a blanket and your little ones favorite colorful toys.