At Beacon Pediatric Therapy our speech therapy services strive to improve your child’s ability to communicate and understand language in order to build meaningful relationships and express themselves fully.

Does my child need speech therapy?

  • Does your child produce sounds incorrectly?
  • Are sounds omitted or missed in words when your child speaks?
  • Does your child struggle to follow directions?
  • Does your child respond to questions correctly?
  • Does your child have difficulty pointing to pictures and labeling or naming them?
  • Does your child use gestures to communicate or have difficulty using words to request what they want?
  • Does your child use accurate grammar?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions your child would benefit from a speech therapy evaluation. An evaluation at Beacon Pediatric Therapy includes a comprehensive review of your child’s developmental and medical history.

Parent interview is necessary to assess the full scope of your child’s communication needs. Standardized assessments will be completed as well as clinical observation through age appropriate activities.

A thorough report will comprise of your child’s current communication abilities as well as include an individualized treatment plan with parent input on functional goals and interventions.

Parents will be provided with home activities for carryover and are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions.

Therapy sessions are focused on play, games, toys and sensorimotor activities that facilitate language and communication.

Our team of therapists collaborate on interventions that will fully meet the sensory, motor and communication needs of the whole child.

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